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YOUR choice for Registered Agent Services is an important one. Thank you for considering Superior Registered Agent Services.

Why does my company require Registered Agent Services?

Simply stated, it is required by law. In all States, the laws governing Corporations, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and many other types of business entities require the
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appointment and maintenance of a Registered Agent and Registered Office in order to lawfully conduct business. The appointment of such agent and office must be made in each State in which a company conducts business. This ensures that each business entity has a physical location and an actual person at that location within each State upon whom Service of Process in any legal proceeding may be made.

What are the consequences of failing to maintain a Registered Agent?

Failure to maintain a Registered Agent and Registered Office can have disastrous consequences for a company. Chief among these is the loss of "good standing" which can effect the company's ability to conduct business in the State, that results in company contracts being deemed void or voidable, bars access to the state courts, can create breaches of loan covenants and more. Additionally, it may potentially result in penalties or fines for the senior managers of the company.

Why should I choose Superior Registered Agent Services?

The Value-Add of Choosing Superior Registered Agent Services

  • A worldwide network of experienced professionals acting on your behalf.
  • A registered office and address as required by law.
  • Forwarding of Service of Process and other official communications in a timely and efficient manner under your direction and instructions.
  • Furnishing of tax and compliance forms and providing an annual Compliance Calendar.
  • Convenient annual invoicing.
  • 24 hour electronic access to your account information via a secure internet connection.
  • Tax Compliance Calendar
  • Corporate Forms Library
  • Statutory representation under special Acts or Statutes
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