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A Service of Charles Jones LLC

Business Formations: We can assist you with forming a Corporation, Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Company (LLC) in any US state or the District of Columbia. Other Corporate Services
  • Nationwide Corporate Document Filing Services
  • Name Reservations/Name Registrations
  • Certificates of Incorporation
  • Articles of Organization for LLC
  • Qualifications
  • Amendments
  • Assumed Names
  • Mergers
  • Dissolution and Withdrawals
    All 50 states and DC
Nationwide Retrieval Services
  • Status Reports
  • Name Availability
  • Good Standing Certificates
  • Status Certificates
  • Certified copies of filed documents (such as Incorporations, Articles of Organizations, Qualifications, and Amendments)
  • Franchise Tax Status Certificates
  • Apostilles
  • Corporate Kits
    All 50 states and DC
Intellectual Property Services
  • Retrieval of Trademark/Patent/Copyright
  • Registration or Ownership Search
  • International Services
  • Tax Havens
  • Registered Agent/Office
  • Document Retrieval and Authentication
    Available in many foreign locations through our affiliated companies
For additional information, please call Superior at 800.792.8888.
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